My name is Elizabeth Crenshaw and I am a student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This website is where many of my pieces of writing will be located. UNCC has a first-year writing program that encourages students to gather a solid base for university-level writing. In English 1101 I had to create an e-portfolio as well, it can be seen here. I enjoy writing and hope that you will enjoy my writing posted on this site! 

I was born in DC and moved to Charlotte, NC when I was young. I graduated from Charlotte Latin School in 2012 and then moved to Maryland to attend University of Maryland in the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I experienced a major life changing event and moved back to the South and took a year off of college. I am now back at college at UNCC and in the Belk College of Business. To read more about me and see some of my other work, check out the "About Me" page on another webpage I had to complete for my Info 2130 class at UNCC here.  


In this portfolio you should look for two main projects, a blog, and a reflection on my time in this course. Both projects involved a lot of time and hard work, and I am thrilled to say they are some of my best work. I am also very proud of my blog and encourage you to read all the posts. I hope you enjoy reading them! Don't hesitate to contact me here if you have any questions or suggestions. 


A note on my title: I know we are supposed to have a creative title that reflects our time in this course, but I chose to keep my title as my name. I did that because this portfolio is filled with my emotions, learnings, and beliefs. Nobody else could have written what is on this page because it comes from my head and what I know and learned as well as how I interpret that knowledge. My name is what best encompasses the theme of my site because by reading what i wrote, you're going to learn a lot about me and who I am not only as a writer- but as an individual. If I had to choose an alternate title, it would be "Branching Out to the Digital World of English."

About me